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What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a pest that everyone needs to know about. Ransomware has posed a serious threat; it is a form of malware that can unlock people’s computer. It blocks victims to access their data. It encrypts the files and attack data and holds it hostage. They demand ransom to release their data and refuse to unlock it until they get their ransom paid.

Ransomware is widespread worldwide, and they target every database and file servers. They can access any computer and all systems. If people get attacked by Ransomware is can turn into a nightmare.

How Ransomware Works?

Ransomware works in different ways and can enter into people network in various ways. However, the most popular ways are phishing via email attachments or drive downloads. Many people unknowingly download or install without knowing. Once the malware attacks people system, it is impossible to get rid of them until they receive their payments. They exploit not only one but multiple networks globally.

Some examples of Ransomware

There are thousands of different variants, and let’s look at a few of them. Through such examples, people can identify some malware or Ransomware. Here we go:


Cryptolocker was the first Ransomware discovered in 2013. It has been an active virus and was one of the most prevalent Ransomware programs. However, the virus was successfully restrained by virus researchers and shut down.


WannaCry poses a serious threat as it has infected over two lakhs system to date and is still infecting. It contains worm-like malware which can easily get into peoples computer device and scan all the data and files.


First discovered in 2014. The malware has one of the most sophisticated design. It has been a threat for many systems and still has a huge impact as a persistent threat.


SamSam primarily spread through phishing. It can easily access any data and can scan for any server. It can easily make its way through various networks and encrypt any data or files. It commonly looks to phish via adult sites including everything from adult gaming to hookup sites and niches sex apps like and similar applications.


Many people might have heard or read about Jigsaw. It is one of the cruellest Ransomware that people come across. Here they give 24 hours to the victim to make their payment, and if they fail, they start deleting almost every file.

LataRebo Locker

Here their attacks are simple it doesn’t allow the victims to use their computer devices. They operate into users system affecting their start up. They demand huge ransom amount.

Impact of Ransomware

  • Have drastic negative consequence in their business, organisation.
  • Temporary or permanent loss of victim data, files or information.
  • Disrupt of regular operation of their system.
  • Instil fear among victims to make their payment, be of any amount.
  • Potential harm to all affected victims individually, personally or professionally.
  • Great financial loss.
  • Loss of one record of data forever.
  • People’s computer infected with the virus.
  • No guarantee to access victim’s data even after payment.

Prevent against Ransomware

If Ransomware has attacked people data, remember that people to stay calm and do not panic. People can take some steps to prevent their attacks. Indeed, it won’t prevent all attacks, but it will help them to a great extent. People need to be prepared for it and should be ready with a recovery plan. People never know when Ransomware might attack them.

Use backup

Backup is essential. People can have more than one copy in a different type of media. They can also store their data elsewhere off the site so that Ransomware cannot access it. It is the perfect and the best type of escape from such attacks.

Security software

When it comes to protection from Ransomware right security software are the most essential and crucial. People need to make sure that their computer is up-to-date and have security scans. It can add the additional measure to protect their devices from any phishing.

Restricts users ability

With such restriction, people need to get permission whenever they perform any activities in their system. Likewise, they can avoid any unwanted software application being on the run without the owner knowledge.

Practice safe surfing

Before people click on any text message or emails, one needs to be careful before clicking. Once they click, it is game over for them. Do not respond or reply to anything unnecessary from any strange source. Go with the only trust trusted sources and avoid those which people don’t know.

Stay updated and informed

People need to keep a check on the current Ransomware threats to identify and deal with such attacks. In case people get attacked, get help as soon as possible.

Ransomware attacks have changed peoples life upside down, and who knows who might be their next target. Even if people have not been attacked yet, it is essential to be prepared for the worst. Once done, it cannot be undone, so better to stay prepared than regret it later. Always follow safe web browsing practices.