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Top Mobile Security Apps

Mobile has become a necessary gadget accessory for every adult. With many fraudsters duping mobile phone users and hackers breaking into personal info, everyone is concerned for their phone’s security.

Many companies have come up with a solution by developing security systems for mobile and are available on App stores. Every security Apps offers different features, and it becomes complicated to choose the right App for your mobile.

To help you choose the right mobile security App, here is the list of the best five Apps based on the efficiency and best user reviews. 

Avast Mobile Security

Avast Security and Antivirus provide protection not only for phones but also for computers and tablets. Whether your device is Android or IOS system-based, Avast security and Antivirus have exclusive security features for both. It has single and multi-platform options with privacy advisers and customizable settings. Avast Premium security offers protection from fraudulent websites, ransomware, and many more. 

There is also a free version providing security against spyware and viruses, but you will have to deal with the Ads. Avast Mobile Security has one of the highest downloads of over 100 million and is a popular antivirus App with great reviews. Apart from Antivirus and security, it has anti-theft support, call blocker, and app lock. 

BitDefender Mobile Security

BitDefender Mobile Security is a popular Mobile security App mainly for phones and tablets. It works on devices based on both Android and iOS operating systems. Bitdefender Mobile Security provides malware protection with malicious website blockers and privacy security tools. It has a Wi-Fi scanner, App lock, and anti-theft system. Another great feature of BitDefender is it enables you to locate and lock your stolen or lost device remotely. It also has a secure VPN service if you want safe and fast web surfing on devices. If you are looking for a free version, you have Bitdefender Antivirus Free, which scans for malware.

BitDefender Mobile Security has a good rating and great reviews from users, especially the paid App. Although it might be a little expensive yet it is worth the money spent.

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security is a popular mobile security App. It comes with malware protection, real-time protection, Applock, call blocker, anti-theft tools, and many more. Although the privacy security setting may be limited, the paid version offers automated scans and blocks phishing websites and suspicious apps. Kaspersky Mobile security has a feature that allows users to stop spyware monitoring texts and calls. 

Kaspersky Internet Security comes in a free and paid version. Both versions provide scans, call blocking, anti-theft, and virus updates and include device scanning for malware. Users are spared from ads and notifications to upgrade to the paid version. The subscription price is also low comparing to other Mobile Security Apps. 

Lookout Security & Antivirus 

Lookout Personal, a pioneer in Mobile security, was one of the best for quite some time. The user-friendly App with no Ads made it one of the most popular downloads. The identity insurance and identity protection in losing the phone was an attractive feature for many users. Lookout Security & Antivirus offers protection from phishing and malware before harming the device and blocking malicious websites. It provides scanning the device and Wi-Fi scanning. You will need to open an account to enjoy all the features.

There is also a free version that offers to scan for malware, and it also has the feature to locate the device when lost or misplaced. 

Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security is one of the best mobile device security App especially when you talk about malware protection on Android devices. It can not only protect but also clean any threats from viruses, spyware, and malware. Norton Mobile Security provides web protection and has excellent anti-theft features. It also offers Wi-Fi and app scanning from malware and real-time protection. 

Norton Mobile Security may cost a bit more than other antivirus and security apps, but that’s because it has a unique feature called App Advisor that checks for Apps with privacy risks and Apps using heavy data with harmful behavior.
Sadly, Norton Mobile Security has stopped the free version now, although previously it was considered one of the best. 


Internet is on every smartphone, and viruses can get into your system without you knowing until your device gets infected and files get corrupted. It is always good to secure your phone with a good Antivirus and Mobile security App, even if it is a free version.

If you can spare some money for your phone’s security, then it will be like buying yourself peace of mind from malicious threats.