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What Is Egress Filtering?

Egress Filtering is said to be a preventive measure which controls the internal resources from making unauthorized access. It ensures that the sites which are accessible are only trusted sites. It does not just save your internal resources, but it is also helpful in decreasing the threat that our digital services have. As interacting with an infectious entity may cause damage to your server. That is why egress filtering helps in controlling and regulating any kind of data which is related to an external entity. Egress Filtering acts as a firewall. Before any outbound connection is made or is allowed, it requires to pass through the set of rules. The administrator sets these rules and filters. In other words, egress filtering is also known as outbound filtering, as it helps in keeping all the outbound infectious entities away.

It is always said that if you want to keep your server or internal resources safe, then make sure that you use the egress filtering. People may feel that egress filtering is not something very important. But they need to understand, that egress filtering is equally important in all the organizations. If you consider the safety and security of your data, your server, and other internal resources, very important, then you must use the egress filtering.

Some people disable the egress filtering by mistake and are unaware of it. But in most of the cases, the egress filtering is default disabled. And this is also one of the reasons why people are not much aware of egress filtering. Let’s get some more details related to the egress filtering.

Some Of The Best Practices of Egress Filtering

If you want to bring the egress filtering in use, there are some egress filtering practices which you need to follow.

egress filtering best practices

Review the sensitive networks and security zone – No matter which network you are using, as almost every network has some or the other network segments which are very sensitive. These network segments are not accessible directly. These networks have PCI zone or DMZ zone and are very important for the data entry and network, as they work as a firewall for them. That is why it is important to manage, review, and audit these firewalls or security zones just like any other firewall. There should be no gap in between their review and the same frequency for reviewing them should be allowed.

Outbound Firewall rules need to provide business justification – This means if there are any kind of outbound firewall rules or policies created, the complete business justification should also be mentioned with it. It should include everything like Why these policies were made, who will use these policies, the name of the systems or the application that manage the use of these policies, and many other such things. This will help you in knowing the exact reason behind your firewall rules. It will also help in auditing the firewall rules properly.

If possible, try to use a proxy – Using a proxy helps in limiting the traffic that is reaching the firewall. As your firewall will be able to accept only a few proxies, and that is why only limited traffic gets accepted by the firewall. That is why it is recommended to make use of proxy, as it will help in securing the outgoing traffic also.

These are some of the ways, you can practice the egress filtering. It will help in providing security to your network and servers.

Where one should use the egress filter

egress filtering firewall

The egress filter should be deployed at the network’s edge. Most of the firewalls which are for the security of the network are placed here only. As we already mentioned above that in egress filtering everything which is there on the network needs to pass through it. So, that the firewall can check any infectious entity.

Why make use of the Egress Filtering

As we now already know, what egress filtering is and how important it is for us. We also need to know why to make use of the Egress Filtering. Just because it does not cater to all the security needs doesn’t mean that it is not very important. Unfortunately there are a lot of people with malicious intentions looking to exploit vulnerable people that are active on the internet. There are many ways that these malicious actors attempt to exploit security vulnerabilities. They go through email, networks and target specific content. One such area that receives a lot of focus is adult sites. Scammers and hackers know that users accessing porn sites and adult dating sites are not always vigilant or secure. While sex sites like advise their fuckbuddy seeking members about online safety, most adult dating apps don’t offer information about security to their members, let alone egress filtering. The reality is, is this is a large corner of the internet and security and privacy should be prioritized. Knowing about why to make use of the egress filtering, will also help us in understanding its importance in a better way.

  • Helps in blocking the unwanted services – There are many types of unwanted service available on the internet these days. If the users do not want to make use of any of these unwanted services, the egress filter is very helpful in doing that. It blocks the protocols and ports so that one cannot access those services. Like if there is any gaming site or service on the internet and if you do not want your kid to use it, you can use egress filtering for blocking it or limiting the service.
  • Saves your system from attacks – Egress filtering not just acts as a firewall, but it also good for other things. Like it helps in protecting your system from different attacks like malware hosting, DDoS Attacks, Botnets, and Spamming. It helps in blocking the different types of traffic so that it can save your system from such threats.
  • Helps in Disrupting Malware – If your system is infected with malware, the egress filtering can help in disrupting it. It stops your infected system from getting connected to malware’s command server. Also, the egress filter stops and prevents the malware in exporting any of the internal or machine data to its destination. This helps in saving your system from leakage of any of your digital data which could have been a big loss for you.
  • Helps in making one aware of the network traffic – If you are using the egress filter, it will help you in becoming aware of your network and the unauthorized access or activity on your network. If the machine or the system will try making unauthorized connections, you will get the alerts, with the help of the egress filter.

Best Ways To Protect Online Privacy

With cyber crime rapidly increasing, online security and privacy is of utmost importance these days. A security threat can expose your valuable data, private pictures, and even financial details. However, you can overcome these challenges simply by adopting the right measures at the right hour. All you need is to take control over data. Today we will discuss how you can improve your privacy in the digital realm.

Privacy Settings

Having social media accounts is no big deal nowadays but are you falling short in the security domain? If you have not gone through the privacy policy before hitting the “accept’’ button, you perhaps don’t know how much information is visible to anybody around the web by default. This is why we recommend you to manually check the privacy settings and modify as required.

For instance, you may not want the strangers to check out your profile or download your picture. You can lock your profile or posts in to prevent them from doing so. Also, you may want to keep some posts private while keeping the rest for public display. You can accomplish that as well. The same holds true for all your personal information like contact number, email address, date of birth and so on.

If you are reading this blog, we want you to change the privacy settings in all the social media accounts you have. From Facebook to LinkedIn, Instagram to Twitter – social media threats are everywhere.

Don’t keep private info in public drive

This is the golden rule to protect privacy. When you are storing any private information in a publicly accessible portal, you are risking your security. Let us discuss two situations. Firstly, you shouldn’t store any private information in your office or lab computer. Even if that computer is given to your house for a convenient access, remember that you are always under supervision while using that. So, it’s better not to keep any personal data or private pictures in those places. Secondly, you should not keep your list of passwords in Google Docs or your scanned passport copy in the Google Drive or OneDrive. Needless to say that you shouldn’t rely any third party app or website to store sensitive documents.

Turn off tracking

Every phone has a tendency to turn on the GPS tracker every now and then. That’s because the service providers of customized service as per demography. A service from the same app (say, Amazon) display different discounts or products availability in India and UK. Sometimes the service even changes with the change of cities.

Now, when the GPS tracker is open, all the apps and websites you access can track your device. You never know which threat is lurking behind a third party website. That’s why it’s better to turn off the location when you don’t need it. Say, you have ordered food delivery with Zomato. The moment you get the food delivered, it’s better to turn off the phone location tracker.

Say no to browser caching

Once you visit any website, your browser stores a lot of data and your surfing history. Also, the accessed website seeks to capture your browser data in the forms of cookies so that the next time you visit, you can get a seamless experience. This also enables the website owners to send you notification every now and then. To avoid exposing your data, it’s better to “decline cookies” instead of access. Yes, it demands you to take a few seconds to hit the right button but your security is worth all the efforts.

Consider thrice before downloading an app

Once you download the app, you give it all the permissions to access your data (including pictures and docs) stored in your phone. If your phone contains sensitive information, think more than once before you install an app. Also, rely on Google PlayStore or Apple App Store for downloading the apps instead of third party sites. We recommend you to download only the relevant apps that you actually need. It’s better not to download any app just for the sake of hype.

Rely only on HTTPS

HTTPS or Hyper text transfer protocol security validates the security of any website. It’s when the site conforms to the standard security measures and buys verified SSL (security sockets layer) certificate, their website displays HTTPS and a green padlock sign in the URL bar. The sites that don’t conform to these or don’t purchase an SSL certificate, shows “not secured” on the URL bar. It’s better to rely on the former instead of the latter. If you are looking for any information or need to register your email id, opt for the former kind of websites.

Follow these crucial tips and you are good to go. Don’t panic. It’s time to be strategic. Hope you have found the article informative. Stay safe.

What is a Proxy?

what is a proxy?

A proxy is a server which is known to be a software system on which a computer is running that acts as an intermediate between the endpoint devices. For example, you can let it be the way like a computer and a server by the use of which climb auto user is requesting for the for service. There is no need for you to have a proxy server available alternatively with you. The reason being a proxy server is available in the same device. If it is available on the same device and it can act as a Firewall server or if it is available on the other device it will request through the firewall.

There are certain advantages of using a proxy server and the same is the cache that is present in it, can serve all the users. On the internet, if more than one site is requested then also it can be available in the proxy cache. There is an advantage of it as it improves the response time for the user. Interactions of the proxy can blog and these are grown out to be helpful in troubleshooting.

Workings of a proxy server:

At the very first the proxy must receive a request from the server when the request is received it looks on the previous pages for the local cache. If the same is found in any of the previously visited pages then without forwarding the request to the internet the result will appear in no time. In case the same is not available then The Cache will act as a client on the behalf of the user and uses the IP address to get the result to appear on the internet by reaching out with the servers.

When the same has been returned to the page the proxy server combines the whole of the data to the original request and then forward it to the user.

When it comes to know about the uses of the proxy servers they are used in both ways legally and for illegal purposes as well. When you are having enterprise then you are having the proxy server to maintain the security administrative control and for some catering services as well. And when it comes to the personal uses of a person then the proxy servers are used to let you all the surfing private without creating any for the problem to you. So if you want to discreetly browse localsexfinder or craigslist personals you can do that without a problem.

Nowadays it has been seen that proxy servers are also used to know about the traffic that has been generated over the website and also help to know whether the same is working in use privacy or not.

For the uses the service of proxy is invisible. All the requested that have been done by the user are appear on the internet just by the address. If you are looking forward to knowing about the IP address of the proxy server of the same then you must get associated with certain protocols.